Video: Video: White Couple In Georgia CRY in HORROR after getting 28 YEARS in PRISON for being RACISTS!!

Crybabies 25 y/o Kayla Rae Norton and 26 y/o Jose Ismael Torres cried out in HORROR after the Georgia couple was given a harsh sentence of 28 YEARS in PRISON for committing a hate crime at a young african american boy's birthday party!! They drove their trucks waving the confederate flag and SHOTGUNS antagonizing an 8 year boy's birthday party in 2015. Kayla expressed regret as she was forgiven by the attendees as the family said "life is too short for hate" But Superior Court Judge William McClaim gave them 20 years with 13 served in prison and Kayla 15 years with 6 served in prison and upon release will be BANISHED from Douglas County!! They were among the members of the "Respect the Flag" who joined a caravan of loonie tunes harrassing and intimidating a family shouting the n word and saying "kill y'all" and displayed the confederate flags Kayla sobbed uncontrollably and said "I do accept responsibility for what i've done. What happened to you is absolutely awful. From mother to mother, i cannot imagine having to explain what the word means" The 2 have 3 children together as family members described them as a "devoted" father and hardworking plumber and volunteer football coach. Kayla said the worst decision in her life was not to walk away when she had the chance.. Hyesha Bryant said she forgives them and said she has "no hate" in her heart but added she never thought she would have to endure something like this in 2017.. She said "As adults and parents, we have to instill in our children the values of right and wrong. That moment you had to choose, you leave, you stayed"..
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White Couple In Georgia CRY in HORROR after getting 28 YEARS in PRISON for being RACISTS!!