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Video: Video: ^MuniNYC - Bedford Avenue & North 7th Street (Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211)

Bedford Ave (L) By far the most popular subway stop on! I love Williamsburg because of the different vibe. Also, the restaurants and apartments and stores just have so much more space. I will live there one day, even if vicariously through another. Crif Dogs Fornino: The Art & Science of Pizza Greenpoint Tavern Bagel Smith Hand Crafted Bagels Saksuka Turkish Mediterranean Grill Tasti D-Lite Sweets Shop Brooklyn Yes Deli S&B Restaurant New York Muffins Veracruz Mexican Corporation Mizu Japanese Cuisine Spikehill Williamsburg Charleston Brooklyn Industries El Beit Cafe & Espresso Bar Radish Prepared Foods New York Martial Arts Academy Pop's Chees Steaks & Burgers Northside Bakery MNS Real Impact Real Estate Vinnie's Pizzeria Kasia's Restaurant Vittoria Cafe Peter's Since 1969 The Meatball Shop Anna Maria Pizza & Pasta Ella Cafe Local Vietnamese Sandwich Shop North 7th Street Market Joe's Busy Corner El Almacen Cafe & Restaurant Acqua Santa Swedish Espresso Bar & Coffee Shop Oasis Williamsburg Falafel & Shawarma Williamsburg Realty The entire NYC Subway System on film. Explore New York's five boroughs with us and let's make NYC a smaller, friendlier place. (March 2012) DISCLAIMER: This video was made in good faith in New York City and was shot/filmed during the month and year in parentheses listed directly above the disclaimer. The content produced is not an authoritative source for address, geographic, or other information. We do not guarantee authenticity. MuniMeter, LLC is not liable for any behavior triggered by this content. Rather, our comprehensive video platform should be used to simply better understand the neighborhoods of New York; this is what New York once looked like. Explore New York's five boroughs through the MuniMeter YouTube Channel. Let's make NYC a smaller and friendlier place. 03_15_12_L Train_1_Bedford Ave Copyright © 2014 Munimeter, LLC
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^MuniNYC - Bedford Avenue & North 7th Street (Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211)