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Video: Video: 2019 Koenigsegg Jesko: In-Depth Exterior and Interior Tour!

In this video I take you on an in-depth exterior and interior tour of this 2019 Koenigsegg Jesko, that was on display at Supervettura. This latest Koenigsegg, of which only 125 will be built, follows on from the Agera RS and is named after company founder Kristian’s father, Jesko von koenigsegg, who significantly helped the company during it’s start-up years. In this video I cover every aspect of Jesko, from it's innovative Light Speed Transmission and Ultimate Power on Demand, to it's thunderous engine, Active Skin panels and Smart Screens inside. Supervettura: 🔥My Merch: Need car cleaning/detailing supplies? Use my 15% off code 'galaxy' at: Think I'm doing a good job and want to see more content? Show your support! For more car info or pics check out Galaxy89cars on: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Channel art, intro and outro by Fallon Design: Facebook: Temporary website: Make sure to Like, share and Subscribe to my channel for all the latest content! Thanks!
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2019 Koenigsegg Jesko: In-Depth Exterior and Interior Tour!