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Video: Video: DM & Karmic Reading- .... It’s Like Precious And Monique 🐽🦶

👇🏾🔮Booking Info 🔮👇🏾 30Mins Skype Reading - $40 15Mins Skype Reading- $25 25Min Video Reading - $33 15Mins Video Reading- $20 Email: for details ! ( Do Not Make A Deposit For A Reading Before Emailing Me ... I will send that shit back!) If you’d like to tip The Nun, you can on PayPal 🙏🏾 Either way , ❤️ ya bunches! What’s up 🙋🏽‍♀️ Thanks for visiting #AmITrippinOrNawTarot My name is Cockfrost aka The Ghetto Nun While exercising my #SpideySenses within my community, I decided to also share with the collective here on YouTube. Strictly with the intention to help others and branch outside of my own #Tribe . I’m a Libra ☀️ and 🌅...... with my 🌙 and 🚺 (Venus) in Scorpio. My Ethereal Ethnicity is: Intense, Weird , Witty, Blunt , Mysterious and Intellectual 🧐 I don’t have a specific “way” of reading tarot.... I am a freestyle reader! Meaning, I do as I am led to do . Energy has no set rules , and if it did... I’d break them anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️ I 💯 believe in God , and know that HE is always making a way for our good, even through our hardest times! So I use that as insurance , in order to share my gift with you!
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DM & Karmic Reading- .... It’s Like Precious And Monique 🐽🦶