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Video: Video: Meredith Vieira Reveals Past Abusive Relationship, TV Host Shares #WhyIStayed--Watch

Meredith Vieira is sharing her own personal story in a candid fashion—in hopes of helping others who are victims of domestic abuse. Appearing on her eponymous talk show on Wednesday, the 60-year-old television personality shared a harrowing statistic, telling the audience, "It started out with, we would have a fight and he'd just sort of grab my arm. You know, I didn't think a lot about it. And then it turned into pushing me against the wall, then it went beyond that to actually taking his hand and grabbing my face and saying, 'I could ruin your career if I wanted to and no one would want you.'" Despite the warning signs, Vieira chose to stay in the relationship and explained why it was so difficult to leave saying, "Part of it was guilt because every time we'd have a fight he would then start crying and say, 'I promise I won't do it again." Vieira says she only left the relationship after getting a job in another state.
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Meredith Vieira Reveals Past Abusive Relationship, TV Host Shares #WhyIStayed--Watch