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Video: Video: Using an esp8266 to wake my pc over the internet

In this video, we take a look at using an ESP8266 with Telegram messenger to wake a PC from anywhere in the world using Wake on Lan (WoL) My use case for this is to be able to turn my PC on to download steam games or updates --------------------------------- Links: --------------------------------- How to Geek page: My other Telegram Video: --------------------------------- Code: --------------------------------- Arduino Sketch: --------------------------------- Parts: --------------------------------- Wemos D1 Mini Clone*: --------------------------------- My Tindie Store: --------------------------------- I've started to sell stuff on Tindie, check it out! --------------------------------- Other Platforms: --------------------------------- Twitter: @witnessmenow - Instagram - Instructables: witnessmenow - --------------------------------- Support the Channel: --------------------------------- If you would like to support the channel, here are some ways you can. 1 - Like and comment on the videos - I really like hearing from you and apparently it helps! 2 - Share my videos - If you know somewhere that might be interested in my channel, please share it! 3 - Affiliate links - Where I get a small percentage of the purchase price but doesn't cost you anything extra. : Aliexpress: LCSC (where I buy most of my parts for Tindie stuff): 4 - My Amazon "store" - Really it's just a collection of stuff I use that I think are useful 5 - Check out my Tindie Store --------------------------------- My Tools & Kit*: --------------------------------- Ender 3 Pro 3d Printer - I got one of these recently and I love it! - UK : - US : Ts-100 Soldering Iron - I have this a couple of years and I love it, I thinking about getting a second! - UK : - US : Logitech C920 HD 1080p Pro webcam - I use one of these for my videos - UK: - US: Blue Snowball USB Microphone - UK: - US: Self Adjusting Wire Strippers - UK: - US: *= Affiliate Links
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Using an esp8266 to wake my pc over the internet