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Video: Video: AUDIENCE - PILOT [Party Pooper]

AUDIENCE was an original animated musical pilot. Created and animated by LupisVulpes. Soundtrack composed by ChaoticCanineCulture. Have a question about Audience? See the wiki! Please see this journal for more info about the characters and artist - This series was canceled 3 years ago and WILL NOT BE CONTINUED, unfortunately 😔 I will be recycling the unused soundtracks from future episodes into a concept album called Ensemble Ch.2. - in no way related to this show. - as well as for video game fandom songs such as Undertale. DOWNLOAD THE SOUNDTRACK! iTunes: BandCamp: Amazon: Voice Actors! Litho-911ape Rags-butterflyvoices Writer-ThisIsCorwin X-Who1sthisguy Mingu-Ryan Showtime / Oxymoron- ChaoticCanineCulture All-Angel Originally posted in August of 2014, Audience was a whimsical one hit wonder. The original post was taken down from the channel Lupisvulpes, I have re-uploaded it here for the world to enjoy. As the composer of the musical, I am using this re-upload as a key part to my professional portfolio. Music © ChaoticCanineCulture's Jorge Aguilar II Label: Neotonic Productions To commission your own soundtrack, visit our website! [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] http://neotonic-productions.deviantar... Like us on Facebook: ___________ I own this audio, I have published it under my name Jorge Aguilar II. These are not my original characters and this is not my animation, all visuals copyright to Lupisvulpes. Go subscribe to their channel for more animated works! To hear sneak peeks of the new songs coming from the ashes of this project, become a Patron!
[CK9C] ChaoticCanineCultureMusic

Jalen Hurts


School Closing


Jared Kushner

Jeff Sessions



Clemson University

Derrick Rose


Alabama Vs Clemson

Lola Kirke

Tree Man


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AUDIENCE - PILOT [Party Pooper]