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Video: Video: Top 20 Greatest Movie Trailers Of All Time

This is a first! A top 20 countdown by Epic Movie Compilations!? It's unheard of, but hey, when it's counting down the top 20 greatest movie trailers of all time, it can be heard of! Trailers are a very important part of a film, not just in the advertising sense, but they sometimes really do make you happy. Don't you just love being excited for a movie, and then when a trailer drops for it you just lose your fucking mind? MOVIE MAGIC! It's a shame there's no Academy Award for Best Official Trailer eh? The epicness, cool moments or just the simple ways in which its edited all contributes to a great trailer, and I'm here to count down 20 of 'em. Hope you guys enjoy my picks, as our job here is making trailers, so... Yeah... An important countdown this one is, cos these sort of inspire me to do what I do... Enjoy Epicness! HD Clips- ‪‬ Instagram- ‪‬ Google+ ‪‬ Lego Star Wars- ‪‬ IMDb Official Account- ‪‬ Subscribe to EMC for weekly content, epic content to be precise..!
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Jalen Hurts


School Closing


Jared Kushner

Jeff Sessions



Clemson University

Derrick Rose


Alabama Vs Clemson

Lola Kirke

Tree Man


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Top 20 Greatest Movie Trailers Of All Time