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Video: Video: The Daily Helpline - Ep.14 - Ft. Corey Harrison - Act 1

The Daily Helpline - Ep. 14 - Ft. Corey Harrison Act 1 Part 1: Brittany has suffered from mental and emotional abuse throughout her entire life. Her family always put her down and called her names like “stupid” and “worthless piece of crap.” As a result Brittany became an emotional eater. As a child she was morbidly obese which carried over into her adult life. At her heaviest she weighed 400lbs. A year ago, Brittany’s doctor warned her that if she didn’t lose weight she was going to die. Brittany’s love for her four-year old son motivated her to get gastric sleeve surgery. Now seven months later she’s lost 200lbs. Brittany’s new body has left her feeling depressed because of her sagging skin. She blames herself for gaining so much weight in the first place that has left her in this situation. Make sure you like, comment and subscribe. We'll be putting out Full Episodes and Episode Playlists the day after they air. Join the conversation using #DailyHelpline Check us out online at: If you of someone you know is suffering from any emotional, relationship or addiction issues please reach out. You can do so on our website, on our Facebook or send an e-mail to ''
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The Daily Helpline - Ep.14 - Ft. Corey Harrison - Act 1