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Video: Video: Gunah - Step Mother - Episode 07 | गुनाह - स्टेप मदर | FWFOriginals

Akshay (50) and Chirag (22) are a father-son duo... Chirag's mother died not more than a year ago in a car accident... Chirag couldn't move on from the demise his family had to face... but one day, Akshay informs his son about an affair he is having with a woman named Vrinda (35) who is a divorcee by nature and with whom he wants to get married... but will Chirag accept his dad's marriage proposal with Vrinda...? if yes, then how will he manage to get along with her...? Flowing Water Films Present #Gunah #StepMother #FullEpisode07 #FWFOriginals Flowing Water Films Present : Gunah Episode Title : Step Mother Language : Hindi (With English Subtitles) Featuring: Ujjwal Chopra, Asit Redij, Sudeepta Singh, Mohak Meet. DOP: Chandrakant Yadav Story, Screenplay & Dialogue: Ravikiran Venkaty Sripuram Editor: Sunny Kapoor Background Score : Shekhar Sehgal Accounts: Kapil Kesarwani Marketing, Media & Publishing: Flowing Water Films Digital Marketing Team: Pankaj Khurpe, Rahul Singh, Swapnil Mokalkar, Manjusha Shinde, Amol Maind, Ankush Kumar Maurya,Tejash Ganesh Gurav. Directed By: Krishna Sharma Produced By: Sanjeev Kumar & Vipin Kumar Chaudhary :::::: Copyrights @ Flowing Water Films :::::: ___ Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to FWFOriginals: ► Like us on Facebook:
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Gunah - Step Mother - Episode 07 | गुनाह - स्टेप मदर | FWFOriginals