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Video: Video: [Poetry] I found an old book

I found this old songbook in our music room and had a funny idea. I don't look down on anybody because of their race, gender, sexuality, etc. If you're a smart person, then you know that the joke here isn't "Black people are dumb." The joke is that this very goofy, very modern song wouldn't be in this book of classic tunes by other African American artists. Save your shaming for where it really matters. - THANKS FOR SHARING THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND AUNTS. Please subscribe so I can eat: Click here for more! My album is available for download here: Check out the new merch store! Follow Gus or Whatever: Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Snapchat: motherxteresa Instagram: Patreon: Download last album for free! Donate to Heifer International today to help improve somebody's quality of life: Thanks for listening and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.
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[Poetry] I found an old book