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Video: Video: Sasquatch! A melancholy inter-dimensional environmentalist?!

Regina artist Greg Allen has been looking for the Sasquatch for a long time. And along the way, he's come up with some "woo" theories (plus a mysterious portal in the woods). »Subscribe to CBC Arts to watch more videos: Regina artist Greg Allen's preoccupation with the Sasquatch goes back to his youth, when he vividly remembers seeing the notorious Patterson-Gimlin film for the first time on television. Now, Allen's paintbrush is hard at work, delicately applying thin strands of yellow and purple paint to the broad shoulders of his muse (and creation), the Supernatural Sasquatch. The Patterson-Gimlin film was originally shot in the late 1960s by a couple of cowboys searching for Bigfoot in a California forest. It captures what appears to be a large bipedal ape-like figure striding beside a creek in bright sunlight and then disappearing in to the brush. To this day, scientists and researchers have not been able to reach consensus about the authenticity of the film. Find us at CBC Arts on Facebook: CBC Arts on Twitter: CBC Arts on Instagram: About: CBC Arts is your destination for extraordinary Canadian arts. Whether you're a culture vulture, a working artist, an avid crafter, a compulsive doodler or just a dabbler in the arts, there's something for you here. Sasquatch! A melancholy inter-dimensional environmentalist?!
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Sasquatch! A melancholy inter-dimensional environmentalist?!