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Video: Video: Jeopardy! James Holzhauer Day 27 Final Jeopardy 5/24/19 Episode 185

Purely for entertainment purposes. No intention of copyright infringement or use for personal gain. All rights goes to BBTV_SONYPICTURES. Any rude, crude or lewd comments will be removed. King James has returned! There was actually a King James Bible category today. James was alone answering nearly all the clues in the Jeopardy round. He found the Daily Double with $11,600, Sam had $2200 and Susan hadn't buzzed in yet. "Let's bet it all" worked perfectly and James had $23,200. They went into Double Jeopardy with James at $24,600, Sam $2200 and Susan had -$600. Unfortunately James missed out on finding the last 2 daily doubles. Sam found them both and missed both. He came in 3rd place with -$2k and obviously didn't play Final Jeopardy. James had a lot to wager in Final Jeopardy... and he bet big! Susan had $1800, missed the clue, but bet nothing. James had $39,400 and had $35,800 to gamble with. (Susan would be at $3600 if she bet it all and knew the clue) James bet $35k and answered correctly earning $74,400. His new 27 day total is $2,065,535. His daily average is down to $76,501. At the first break, Alex commented to James that we are in the middle of baseball season and there was a movie called "Moneyball" a few years back in which statistics and analytics play a big part in determining success of a team. James commented that the teams are doing a very good job balancing scouting and stats but did say if any teams are hiring. (Call me sign) Alex asked if he would be interested in that. James commented, "Before I knew that a Jeopardy contestant was a palatable career." Ha-Ha. Have a safe Memorial day weekend and remember those that gave all. #JeopardyJames #FinalJeopardy
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Jeopardy! James Holzhauer Day 27 Final Jeopardy 5/24/19 Episode 185