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Video: Video: Curve Excellents on KYOGRE and some throw comparisons

Edit: New update v0.89.1 has changed the circle for Kyogre to be nearer, and he is easier to hit excellent now! See my updated video on the old vs new throw comparison ( ) Pre-update, Kyogre is definitely the hardest amongst the recent legendaries to get curve excellents in consistently. Here are some comparisons on my good vs bad throws ( ie @ 1:08 onwards ). Honestly, if u can only hit curve excellents occasionally, it's better to make the circle larger for more consistent curve Greats instead. For this particular attempt, with 8 balls, only 3 are curve excellents, whiffed 1 and the remaining 4 didn't had any bonus ( which can land Great if the circle is bigger ). Thus having 7 curve+Great will probably net me higher overall success rate ;) Song credits: Savant - How I Roll (weareCastor Remix)

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Curve Excellents on KYOGRE and some throw comparisons