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Video: Video: Lightworkers Awakening: (7- Signs You Are A Lightworker)

Lightworkers Awakening: 7- Signs You Are One Of Lightworkers currently undergoing the Awakening...or Ascension, Process... Do you think you might be a LIGHTWORKER? I will say quite simply that if you find yourself in the midst of a radical shift in consciousness, spiritual awakening, and perhaps even a bit of a life-crisis, than there is a good chance that you are one of earth's current lightworkers, here to help people transition into 4th density. I have compiled 7 Signs that will help you decide for yourself if you are a lightworker or not... ✬7 Signs You Are A One Of The LIGHTWORKERS✶ #1. You KNOW You are Different. #2. You Despise all of the ridged and out dated, control based systems... ie. government, educational, political, and religious... #3. Strong Desire to Help PEOPLE whom you can't stand! #4. Strong Desire to get off this insane planet! #5. Feel in a very real, physical, and painful way, the degree of negativity, suffering, and fear on the planet #6. Comfortable talking about things like, aliens, the illuminati, 4th density, channeling, ET's, telepathy, 5th dimension, ascension, spiritual enlightenment, psychic abilities, and your third eye...HA! We have our own language :) #7. You KNOW you are working and building and shifting towards something so GRAND that our mere physical mind's can't even begin to grasp or comprehend... Last thing... Lightworkers are not special... Rather, all souls are special and awesome! Lightworkers just happen to be folks that have chosen to incarnate at this special time in earth's history to awaken themselves first in order to help raise consciousness on the planet, ther by assisting others with their transition into 4th density. Attn: Awakening Lightworkers: (Ascension Symptoms Relief) FREE E-BOOK... MY PRODUCTS: Mood Shift (How To STAY In Full Alignment, Every Day) Join My Newsletter for Ascension Guidance... Follow Me On Facebook... Blog: Follow Me On Instagram:
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Lightworkers Awakening: (7- Signs You Are A Lightworker)