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Video: Video: S$500 TAOBAO 淘宝 Unboxing Haul w/ Try ons 2017 || Agent or TB Direct?

*I WAS TOO NERVOUS I FORGOT TO DO AN INTRO FML* 01:10 Unboxing starts 16:15 Agent VS Direct Hey guys! I'm back after what it seemed like forever. This is my first time doing a "sit down" video and I'm sorry I'm really bad at it! So bad that I forgot to do an intro *FACE PALM* I started watching Taobao unboxing hauls and felt inspired (and extra lol) to do a video! Um and also that meant that I can make MORE use of my $500 worth of parcel. I tried my best to cut it as short as I could bc I hate watching draggy videos too. (I sped up some parts lol if u could tell) Please leave feedback at the comment section below, thank you! ~~~~~~~~~ Update 12/12/17: Since a few of you asked for it, here are all the links of items I mentioned! IPHONE CASE: PEACEMINUSONE - Marble Case - IPAD Pro 10.5 CASE: FOOTWEAR: Office Shoes?? - Basic Sandal Heels - CLOTHING: Washed Denim Flared Jeans - Patterned B&W Blouse - Black Wrapped Dress - Basic Tube - Gingham Midi Wrapped Skirt - Vintage Floral Blouse - Basic Grey Midi Dress - Solar Powered Lamp - Choker Necklace - BUNCH OF ACCESSORIES: CLOTHING: Red Retro Cropped Blouse - White High Waisted Shorts - Midi Flared Dress - Formal Blouse - 2 Piece Checked Suit - IPAD PRO 10.5 Tempered Glass - Facial Nano Steamer - Black Bag - Mookata Pot - It is kind of messy because there are tooooo many. Please let me know if I've missed out any! Thanks for the support! xx
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S$500 TAOBAO 淘宝 Unboxing Haul w/ Try ons 2017 || Agent or TB Direct?