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Video: Video: Flip through of my 2016-2018 travel journal - mostly Asia and Europe

Most of the diary is hand drawn and where it isn't I used stamps, beer labels or stickers. Two pages would sometimes take me like 4-5 hours, sometimes around 30minutes. I have always kept a large, leather, tome-like diary around me that was too heavy to be carried around. I was looking for something that would eventually fit my pocket (hence the small watercolour palette as well). I have mostly done these in various cafe's or at home, when I returned from my travels. Some of the countries have their designated pages, some are only mentioned as it was a long time since I visited. There's way more to be done given that I still travel a lot and I might possibly update this video. Not my last diary for sure. My major sources of inspirations before I started writing the diary were Codex Seraphinianus and the wonderful journals of Jose Naranja Journal: Moleskine
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Flip through of my 2016-2018 travel journal - mostly Asia and Europe