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Video: Video: Full Moon April 19th - 5 Things you Need To Know About This Shift In Energy!

Get Ready for the April 19th Full Moon ... This is a BIG one! There's much shifting and changing with the energy. Don't fall into old patterns Full Moon! This is a big opportunity for bringing greater balance and harmony into your life... Which also means illuminating and shining a light on those areas where you are still blocked, stuck, or out of balance. For help staying balanced... Check out this Free Angel Meditation here: Then, learn more about how to make the most of the energy with my Free Angel Card Reading for this week of the Full Moon: Want to continue to get an energy forecast like this on the Full Moon? Comment below and let me know! Then, if you haven't already, subscribe here: Or Read the Transcript of this Full Moon Energy Update here: I am excited to share with you five key things you need to know about the full moon happening. April 19th at 4:12 AM Pacific. So this really is a profound energy bringing about new opportunities for you to cultivate a greater sense of harmony, balance and authenticity in your life. And the first area that this is coming into play is in terms of relationships. So your relationships are very much highlighted now from the perspective of are you able to show up in your relationships, in alignment with your authentic truth? Are Your relationship serving you and supporting you in shining your highest soul light? And if not, what in you needs to change? What can you do to change the trend to transform the dynamic of the relationship so that it does serve in your life and so that you can be the best you within the relationship. So this could come about in any number of ways. The universe, the divine presents us opportunities to grow often through a challenge. So transforming relationships into a higher alignment may take the form of some sort of challenge that reveals to you how the relationship can evolve and transform and how you can grow. This could be about setting boundaries for what you are and aren't available for or it could simply be releasing layers of judgment and choosing to hold the fields of love and be the one who responds with love regardless of the circumstances around through this commitment to your own vibration to shining in alignment with your true self and bringing your highest truth into all of your relationships. When your true self interacts with others, there is the opportunity for those relationships to blossom and flourish in a new light. So along these lines, communication is important and you might just want to be aware that it may be worth your while to think before you speak, especially in 10th or challenging situations. Filter yourself through the lens of your heart. How would your highest self respond? How would the true you who is centered unthreatened whole who is love? How would love respond in that situation? And then choose to respond with love through this through relationships. There are also opportunities opening for collaboration for cocreation for two unique whole beings to join forces and the overlap that two whole beings creates a sort of portal, an opening for something new to be created. So that's the first thing to know is that relationships are highlighted. Show up to relationships, new relationships coming in, existing relationships, being transformed as the best version of you returned to that, embodying your highest truth because through this positive transformation at the level of relationship which are ultimately the mirrors, people are mirrors for you and your life and there is so much opportunity for growth and transformation when you approached them with awareness, presence and showing up as the truth of you as a being of love. That brings us to the second thing to be aware of with this full moon energy. And that is that major life upgrades are unfolding. Again, think in terms of balance and harmony in your life, the areas of your life in need of a rehaul so that you can live as a greater embodied expression of your divine truth are illuminated. Now ultimately this leads to your greater abundance, fulfillment of vitality, health, love and joy. But when the spotlight is being signed on an area that's out of balance, it's never, it's not always comfortable or easy. So the keys as you unfold as you go through these major life upgrades are presence, adaptability, flexibility and awareness. Choose to love yourself through whatever challenges arise, choose to love and accept yourself exactly as you are, even though you're likely going to be getting glimpses of areas where you can change and transform and grow. But rather than judging yourself for not having grown yet, love that the opportunity is presenting itself to you, for you to grow. Share this video with someone who needs to hear this message:
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Full Moon April 19th - 5 Things you Need To Know About This Shift In Energy!