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Video: Video: Astros stealing signs vs Dodgers via Whistling

The Houston Astros used an elaborate system the steal signs from catchers during 2017 home games. According to The Athletic the system used a camera connected to a monitor in the tunnel, they identify the pitches and communicate the expected pitches to the hitter. Apparently they do not use the system for every single at bat, analyzing videos show that the system is use mostly when they have runners on base as we will show in this documental. WE DO NOT MANIPULATE ANY OF THE AUDIO PRESENTED, WE TOOK DIFFERENT PIECES OF THE GAME AND PUT EVERYTHING TOGETHER With this information we are showing a common pattern follow by the sequence of the game and different at bats which matches important information. We are not affirming that Houston Astros are cheating. This video is about Houston Astros System to Steal Signs
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Astros stealing signs vs Dodgers via Whistling