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Video: Video: Grand Tour of a dead American city. I present to you Delray, Michigan.

Ride along on a drive through Delray, Michigan. Here's an unedited tour of an area that has been largely ignored, tattooed and screwed in every way possible. Now, like all impoverished areas, Delray may get a double dicking that is unparalleled. The International Bridge will be constructed on the U.S. side in this community. Won't that be fun? The old white man from two countries with bury the old double dong twice as deep as its ever been to mainly the Mexicans and African Americans that reside here. The kicker is this new bridge will "help" the area. Forget the fact that help of any kind has been for the most part ignored for the last 40 years. The real beneficiaries of this bridge with be the capitalists from Canada and The U.S. These Delray residents' need legal representation more now than ever. If you Google the Zug Island hum, which basically is unacceptable levels of noise for any community, has been ignored. The shit bucket of an island has also polluted, at least as far as noise is concerned, Windsor, Ontario. Once again, the people that suffer the most are the residents of Delray. Zug Island is considered part of River Rouge. River Rouge representatives claim to have spent a million dollars investigating the noise. (the hum) They basically confirmed that yep, the noise is coming from Zug Island. LOL. Does anyone think that noise and/or pollution like this would be tolerated in West Bloomfield or Birmingham? I understand people were perhaps aware of what they were in for when they moved here. But so what? So were all the people that chose neighborhoods near expressways and airports. But only after pressure did the state and federal governments do anything with regard to noise abatement. Delray residents are like the one legged dog.................too weak to fight and no resources for legal representation.
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Grand Tour of a dead American city. I present to you Delray, Michigan.