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Video: Video: Ancient Aliens : Season 5 - Alien Operations (Hindi)- History TV18

Welcome to History TV 18. In this video, you will watch a popular hit series Ancient aliens on this channel. Mysterious surgeries performed by early humans... Strange beings with miraculous powers... And a cover up--destroying centuries of scientific knowledge. Are recent breakthroughs in medicine the result of years of research? Or does the knowledge of healing really come from an otherworldly source? Evidence of advanced medical procedures practiced in the ancient world has been found everywhere from carvings on the walls of temples to actual skeletal remains. But just who were the practitioners of this extraordinary science? And where did their knowledge of the human body come from? Accounts from various cultures describe similar divine, birdlike figures that brought advanced medical knowledge to mankind thousands of years ago. Who--or what--were these ancient surgeons? Is it possible that these Gods may have been extraterrestrial beings that came to Earth to teach humans how to heal themselves? Please LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE this video with your friends. Subscribe to History TV18 Channel: Like Us on Facebook : Follow us on Twitter: Join Us on Google+: Visit Our Website: Introducing the all new HISTORY TV18 Channel. With phenomenal visual imagery, action packed shows and over the edge programming, get ready to experience a surge of adrenalin that will make everything else you've ever seen pale in comparison. Tune in now and watch HISTORY being made everyday!
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Ancient Aliens : Season 5 - Alien Operations (Hindi)- History TV18