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Video: Video: This channel is a goldmine for unintentional asmr, but boy is it woo [unintentional][female][woo]

In this episode: Members of Team Awakening communicate with trees and grasses, inviting them to join us in the effort of holding space for Souls to move through to the Light. We are shown of presences in multiple dimensional levels reacting to the realities of life in the contaminated zone. Dear viewers, if you are experiencing our videos on a tablet or smartphone device, it is possible that you are unable to see our video annotations, which can be very helpful to understanding the work. We recommend that you use a computer with annotations enabled whenever possible. NON-PHYSICAL PRESENCES IN THIS EPISODE: (0:11) Child Souls: Team Awakening is working to rescue souls of children from smaller subatomic levels of the Physical Dimension. These souls are passing through the Host Bodies at the level of Earth and its Environs on their way to a Consistent Source of Significantly Higher Vibrations. (11:57) Search For Truth Pillar: The Search for Truth Pillar is the Physical Dimension command center for the effort to Manifest the Divine Plan. It is staffed by a team of Non-Physical and Physical Presences who are assigned to constantly search for Truth and upgrade the standards of Integrity to that which will work to Manifest the Divine Plan. Our intention is to Manifest the Divine Plan, no matter what anyone else does or doesn't do. Team Awakening is the leadership team of the Search for Truth Community. The SFT energy pillar travels through many dimensional levels, intersecting with host lives in larger and smaller physical dimensions. THE ANGELIC INITIATIVE: The Angelic Initiative is a Multi-Dimensional team of Physical Host Presences and Non-Physical Soul Presences working together to Manifest the Divine Plan, no matter what anyone else does or doesn't do. The two Physical Dimension vessels of The Lynn-Life and the Jamie-Body-Mind are the anchor for this effort (also known as the Search for Truth effort) at the level of Earth and its Environs. These vessels channel Presences in many different dimensions, using techniques taught in the Lightworkers Healing Method ( The Angelic Initiative members at the level of Earth and its Environs have private practices in multiple healing modalities. Visit these links for more information: Lynn McGonagill, Lightworkers Healing Method: Lynn McGonagill, Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy: Jamie McGonagill, Lightworkers Healing Method: To support the Angelic Initiative's work to Manifest the Divine Plan, visit the Angelic Initiative Crowdrise page and contribute to our fundraising campaign: If you have questions about our methods, we encourage you to explore the many freely shared resources on our website:
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This channel is a goldmine for unintentional asmr, but boy is it woo [unintentional][female][woo]