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Video: Video: Why was Pink for Boys and Blue for Girls?

Pink for Boys and Blue for Girls might seem strange to modern eyes and sensibilities, but up until the 1940’s a lot of people thought pink was the more masculine color and blue was clearly more feminine. So how did we end up in a world where it’s 100% confirmed that pink is the marker of all things girly and blue denotes boyhood? Well it’s a long strange story, so watch the episode to find out! Do you enjoy the show? The check us out on: Like our Facebook Instagram: @pbsoriginofeverything Written and Hosted By: Danielle Bainbridge Graphics By: Noelle Smith Produced By: Kornhaber Brown ( Works Cited: Professor Jo B. Paoletti at the University of Maryland Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America Jo B. Paoletti Sex and Unisex: Fashion, Feminism, and the Sexual Revolution The Secret Lives of Color ˆKassia St. Clair
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Why was Pink for Boys and Blue for Girls?