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Video: Video: [USA] Cammer hits cyclist crossing on red

So for a few months before my birthday I had been talking to my roommates about getting a dash cam. As a surprise they got me one and I installed it several days after my birthday. I first drove to work with it installed on May 11th, 2016. On the way home, I hit a bicyclist. She was mostly ok, hit her head a little, and fire and medics responded took her to the hospital. She admitted to the police that also responded that she ran the red light. I thought she was coming from left to right, but she said she was making a left hand turn. I actually didn't see where she came from until my roommates and I watched the video in reverse on the big screen at home. This is the Avalon/Westborough exit from northbound I-280 in South San Francisco, California, and vehicles exit onto Junipero Serra Blvd., basically at freeway speeds. Thankfully I am a VERY defensive driver and I "cover the brake" when I am not accelerating and I was able to quickly reduce my speed once she popped out from behind the bushes, which they never did cut down. Damage to my vehicle isn't covered since it was lower than my deductible and you don't need insurance to ride a bicycle so she was free and clear. I could have sued her in civil court, but honestly I just let it go. Really I wish she'd just wear a helmet, this could have been much worse!
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[USA] Cammer hits cyclist crossing on red