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Video: Video: Guy tries giving a gun review while using a speech jammer.

See my knives at or follow me on Instagram Friend me up on Facebook TURN ON THE CAPTIONS!!! *The app used in this video is "Speech Zapper" for the iPhone. I have tried many speech jamming programs and this one gave me the best result given that you can adjust the frequency. YOU HAVE TO FIND THE FREQUENCY THAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU! Make sure you are in a quiet room and use good earphones. Turn up the volume! Ambient noise will have a negative effect on your results, so noise canceling headphones are ideal. Lastly, while what you see in this video is not acting, trust me I'm not that good, it does affect different people in different ways. I've heard the PC version woks best. Have fun, thanks for watching, sub and comment! Tabletop gun reviews can be pretty boring, but I think I might have found a way to make them a bit more entertainin...and yes these results are 100% genuine.

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Guy tries giving a gun review while using a speech jammer.