Video: Video: Kanye West - Homecoming [HQ]

This is track 12 of 13 off of the third album by producer + rapper + singer + whatever Kanye West. Basically, if u like fun pop rap, then u will like this... Wanted to upload this as a full album but I think UMG shadowblocks all full album videos bc the copyright goes through them and every time I've tried to upload an album copyrighted by UMG it simply won't work for other people (even though it doesn't say it's blocked at all on my end.) I decided to settle for uploading the individual tracks instead. Planning on doing the same thing with the rest of Kanye's projects up to "Yeezus." plz buy the album so the ppl that own the music can make more money: ----------------------------------------------------------- Yo, if you want a cool community of people that like Kanye West and a bunch of other artists like him, check out this discord server: Discord is basically a modern chatroom with text and voice chat capabilities. There are a lot of different channels in a server for a lot of different interests that you may have (futura has a channel for music, venting, photography, production, and more as of the time that I'm writing this.) It can be kinda confusing to use at first, so don't hesitate to ask for help. Futura is unique in that is has a monthly radio show that a member from the server makes, and we all get together to listen to it at the end of the month. They usually have really crazy transitions and stuff. I'm no longer in the server, but the last time I linked it in my descriptions, a lot of people joined and found that the place fit them really well, so I figured I'd start that up again. If I ever end up back in there, I'll be using the name @Marlow, so if you wanna hang out and i'm there, you know who to @. ----------------------------------------------------------- I don't own the music or images used in this video, nor do I claim to. I do not make any profit of of the music or images used in this video, nor do I intend to. All of the monetization gets automatically directed towards the rights holders. If you would like this video taken down, please contact me through my channel's about page and I will take it down. love u.
MarlowMusickanye westhomecominggraduationkanye west homecomingkanye west graduation

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Kanye West - Homecoming [HQ]