Video: Video: Petco tosses live reptiles!

READ ME! Due to the recurring aggravation of having to deal with stupid ass comments and accusations from stupid ass pet industry apologists and just all around trolls...comments on this video are now disabled. Yes, he is alive and well. He has been named Irwin. You can get photos and updates on my facebook page: Full transcript of call from Petco's VP of Animal Care, Marcie Whichard: Rate thumbs up and share this video if you would like to hold them accountable! If you are on facebook, share this link. Then, do more.... Go here to submit feedback to Petco via web: Or call them at 888-824-PALS(7257) (Monday - Sunday 4 am - 10 pm PT). Let them know that anyone who would overlook that a live animal was in a box and then allow it to make it all the way to a hot dumpster without noticing it, has no place working there! UPDATE - Rest assured, this is NOT the end of the deal. To answer a recurring question though, criminal animal cruelty charges are probably not going to stick here. For the most part state cruelty laws only apply to domestic animals, and iguanas are considered an exotic and wild animal. Reptiles and wildlife ARE NOT protected in state laws the way that dogs, bunnies, and horses are. I have decided to go the route of youtube and social media first in order to spread the word about this incident, because I feel it is far more effective when you recruit the public to provide an immediate rebuke with a ground swell. We are seeing that. If criminal or civil penalties are viable options as this case unfolds, then those remedies will remain and aren't going anywhere, but those wheels grind slowly and don't often provide the thoroughness of remedy that a good public backlash can. Let's be honest. Had I contacted the local authorities on this, it's doubtful the ball would have moved on this very far, and if it had, it would be months. There might have been a small fine at most. This is unacceptable. This incident warrants more than that, frankly. [Update 9/10/12] Some people are jumping to conclusions about this being a ruse. First of all, the reason I just so happened to "conveniently" have a camera with me, is that if you haven't noticed from following my page - I like to take pictures from time to time. I always have the camera on me when I'm out and about, so that I can record any encounters with critters I see. I am a wildlife rehabber you see, so I brake for critters. Just look at my vids where I find a rattler or something on the road. Nuff said. Secondly, I just so happened to be there at that dumpster - because I'm there pretty often ANYWAY. Just check my past posts and the photo album entitled Petco waste and abuse. I've been posting for some time photos there of the stuff I found in their dumpster? So was it really such a coincidence that I happened to be there? I think not. Thirdly, I'm going public with the fact that the Target store next door has two surveillance cameras pointed right at this dumpster. That's great news for me! ;-) I'd love to get hold of that footage about 5:15pm or a little after because this will show without a doubt who is telling the truth. I'm calling Petco corporate out... PLEASE...Call Target up, and as a professional courtesy ask them to share security camera footage with you! Call it a security issue for the good of your neighboring store if you have to. I double-iggy dare you! If I'm shown to be lying about it happening just the way I said, then I'll kiss that asst manager's fat ugly ass on the courthouse square and give you two hours to draw a crowd! I also welcome PD involvement, because they could get the footage most easily and settle this right there. I'm also willing to polygraph. If you are an examiner in the WF area and willing to administer, let me know. That good enough for you doubters?
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Petco tosses live reptiles!