Video: Video: Three years ago today, Marshawn Lynch had one of the best NFL runs ever. This is the definition of beast mode

This is the AMAZING 67-yard TD run Marshawn Lynch, a.k.a. "Beast Mode" made in the wild card Saints @ Seahawks game on 01/08/11 that everyone is talking about, and that some are calling the greatest run ever. (Deion Sanders on Primetime) I believe the official number of tackles he broke was 8, but I'm not certain. It's absurd; is he even human? A great team effort on blocking down the field, also; watch the whole video. The Seahawks went on to win over the Saints in what is being called the biggest upset in playoff history, 41-36. The Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record, and many believed they didn't deserve to even have a playoff game. Well, that question was answered. I personally attended this game (in the 100 level, great seats, right near where the play finished) and the one and only true 12th man in the NFL was loud & proud in ways that words cannot describe. What an amazing game to be at. I still don't have my voice back; I can't even talk, 30 hours later. Video uploaded @ true 1080P HD resolution. Side note about the NFC West: despite the reputation it has, since 2005, the NFC West as of right now has a better playoff win percentage than any other division in the NFL save one, the AFC North. Here's the list: AFC North 11 6 .647 NFC West 9 5 .643 AFC East 8 7 .533 NFC South 6 7 .462 NFC North 5 6 .455 AFC South 7 9 .438 NFC East 9 12 .429 AFC West 4 7 .364 Totals 59 59 .500 *NOTICE* I do not own any part of this video or the audio therein, all copyrights by the NFL and everything in it belongs to them.
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Three years ago today, Marshawn Lynch had one of the best NFL runs ever. This is the definition of "beast mode"