Video: Video: Russian reactive armor at 18000 FPS

Please visit my channel @ Absolutely amazing, this footage shows the Arena explosive armour in action, recorded with an ultra high speed Photron camera. The Arena (Russian: Арена) is an active protection system (APS) developed at Russia's Kolomna-based Engineering Design Bureau for the purpose of protecting armoured fighting vehicles from destruction by light anti-tank weapons, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), and missiles with top attack warheads. It uses a Doppler radar to detect incoming warheads. Upon detection, a defensive rocket is fired that detonates near the inbound threat, destroying it before it hits the vehicle. Here is a translation from Russian to English, thanks to Davevm: "They of course did not allow us to shoot live rounds at the breakthrough (referring to the tank the Arena is mounted on), so we used a different, aging tank. Our target was a armor plated T-80." "In my hands is the RPG-7, a legendary rocket launcher. Over 9 million units were issued. With one of these and a lucky hit, you can destroy an entire tank." "We mounted that anti-tank rocket launcher on a special mount. The distance to the tank is 50 meters, and the round will cover that in less than a second." "Opposing the rocket propelled grenade is the "Arena" system. It consists of 3 main parts. Foremost is the RLS, or the "Circular Observation System" (not exact translation). Then, the shaped protective charges arranged in launch tubes. And, of course, the technology that controls it all." "This is how the Arena operates: the RLS detects an approaching grenade or rocket. It determines its speed and direction, after which a protective charge is launched in its direction. The shaped charge explodes, and with its shrapnel destroys the projectile, not allowing it to reach its target." "Ready 1" "Warning, launching" "Launching" "Fire!" "The reactive rocket propelled grenade that we fired was fitted with an armor piercing tip capable of penetrating up to half a meter of armor." "The speed of its flight is more than 200 meters a second, but the reactive protection of "Arena" worked like clockwork." "You can see as the protective charge shoots out of the barrel and turns the grenade into a very beautiful ring of fire (actually says "all-seeing eye", refering to Sauron's eye in LoTR)."
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Russian reactive armor at 18000 FPS