Video: Video: All you can eat ribs courtesy of Golden Corral

last weekend i took the Dr Phil's weekend challenge to turn a problem in to an opportunity. The problem.....The location in this video is a brand new building less than a year old. i have been listening to the young people working there tell me horror stories for some time. i watched as this young man try turning in a statement dated dated for june 2nd 2013. The management team refused to let him turn it in, by giving it back to him, the area manager blew him off when he tried to turn it in....... when he sent me a picture of this food and where it was i couldnt believe it... i told him to get me video!!! when i saw the video I about s*** myself as i realized the stories i was hearing had been true.... there serving maggot slap and fly trails with all you can eat advertisements!..... its been over a week now since this has been brought to corporate attention, I contacted the volusia county health dept..... they dont handle it.... they gave me a number and a persons name..... said to ask for them in person...... the operator didnt know who i was talkin about and didnt seem to care.......i placed an ebay "check out item # 121135647488" that made the owner call the police and tell on himself.....i was contacted by the port orange police dept for black made several detailed complaints with corporate golden corral.......i have met with the owner personally, he ownes 30 golden corrals in georgia and florida, he showed me pictures of his new golden corral vehicle wraps and explained he "thought this was a cash call" he explained his deep connections in law enforcement and explained "we could be opening ourselfs to a lawsuit" in a way i felt it to be threatning..... i have several texts with wesh 2 news..... i contacted abc cbs nbc and any other c's i could get post's to .... i went to news journal let them view it the video and pictures..... they didnt give a damn!.......i sent Dr Phil a message???????? it was his challenge!..... as of three days ago i left a message with the detective who contacted me about my ebay post.... Why is this restauraunt still open serving maggot smack and fly trialings to the people of Port Orange?? as you see the systemis failing us!! .
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All you can eat ribs courtesy of Golden Corral