Video: Video: Amazing Bob's Burgers / Archer crossover - Credit @chongster62

Bob’s Burgers has crossed over to Archer, but I wondered what’d happen if Archer were to take a trip to Bob’s Burgers. 7 months of animating, illustrating and plucking dialogue from both shows later, here’s the result. Bob’s Burgers is hands down my favourite animated show ever made. I just adore it, it’s my happy place and long may it continue. Archer is another of my favourite shows, and I really enjoyed the crossover between the two in Archer’s 4th season. This piece started out as a doodle back in January 2017, and soon spiraled into something where I challenged to myself to imitate the Bob’s Burgers animation style, and using dialogue from both shows, form some sort of short where the characters meet. This has been an absolute passion project, and it’s made to honor both shows in the only way I know how, through my art. Unfortunately, though I love Krieger, Cyril and Ray, I had to drop them from the episode. Bob’s restaurant isn’t a very big space for that many interacting characters, and also adding three more characters to the 10 already featuring added a huge additional level of complexity for having characters interact through dialogue. This is the most intensive piece of animation I’ve ever made entirely on my own, and I do hope you enjoy it! If you did enjoy, do share it far and wide! Be sure to watch Bob’s Burgers and Archer if you haven’t, they’re truly superb. You can thank me later! The end credits song is a version of Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone which is available on iTunes and is sung by Cheryl in the show under her 5th season name, Cherlene.
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Amazing Bob's Burgers / Archer crossover - Credit @chongster62