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Video: Video: How to Make an Epoxy Resin Diorama - Warhammer 40k Speed Freek

See how I make an Epoxy Resin Diorama and waves using Liquitex gloss gel with this Warhammer 40k Ork figure and custom plane. ► Thanks for watching! Leave a thumbs up and subscribe! ► Follow me on Instagram - ► Follow me on Twitter - To see some behind the scenes videos and photos of my projects as well as seeing what I am currently working on become a Patreon - #EpoxyResin #ResinCasting #Warhammer40k #MiniatureHobbyist #ResinArt Please Note: I am now affiliated with Amazon to bring you my list of favorite products in an easy and convenient way. I receive a very small commission from your purchases if you use my links and I appreciate that so much. It will help me purchase more products to continue to share my videos with you! Items I use:- 2 Part Resin - 2 Part Clear Resin - 2 Part Rubber Mould - Milliput - Grey Primer - Plastic Cups & Stirrers - PVA Glue - Oyumaru - Photo Frame - Super Glue - Paint Brushes - Wet Palette - Citadel Skulls - Warhammer Sets - Also in this youtube video warhammer 40k,warhammer 40000,games workshop,citadel miniatures,citadel paints,warhammer 40 painting,fantasy diorama,how i painted,mould making,casting parts,2 part mould,liquid plastic,liquid rubber,how to cast figures,to mould making,Watch how I make,liquid resin,how to,how to make,How to Make an Epoxy Resin Diorama,Warhammer 40k Speed Freek,Epoxy Resin,Liquitex gloss gel,epoxy artwork,epoxy art resin,epoxy art,epoxy diorama
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How to Make an Epoxy Resin Diorama - Warhammer 40k Speed Freek