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Video: Video: Africa - Toto - Mario Paint Composer

Made in 2010, the last video I have uploaded. I have no recording PC anymore, and cannot continue regularly making songs in Mario Paint. If on the off chance it does spark interest again, I never stick with it enough to see it through. Thanks to all of you for making this time in my life a good time and giving me a reason to enjoy recreating and uploading Mario Paint music. About the video. I originally had it planned for 1000 subscribers. It just took me so long to finish (meaning I was lazy) that it ended up being completed in about 4 months. Overall a combined 35 or so hours of work, just spread over a long time. I'm sure no one really missed me, or even noticed i was gone, and more epic songs than I could ever do have been released. But i love this song, and I hope you enjoy my interpretation. Also, I Frankenstein'd my own soundfont. This doesn't sound like vanilla Mario Paint for that reason. Tempo is 2944 For multiple instrument chords per beat and volume control. For Emily :)
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Africa - Toto - Mario Paint Composer