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Video: Video: Tesla CAN bus data logging

I show how to collect detailed CAN bus data from a Tesla Model S, and display it in the car's own web browser! Complete Raspberry Pi with CAN bus shield and 12V buck converter: Diagnostic connector pinout (scroll through the images): Tesla diagnostic connector: RPi CAN bus tutorial: Get node.js installed on the RPi: I used, which is a module that installs into node.js: Basic sequence to setup the server on the Pi: sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 500000 listen-only on sudo ip link set can0 up candump -cae can0,0:0,#FFFFFFFF candump -cae can0,0:0,#FFFFFFFF | grep 106 | awk -Winteractive '{ print $10}' | node app.js Tesla CAN bus reverse engineering: I will post the node.js code on my blog: Support Applied Science on Patreon:
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Tesla CAN bus data logging