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Video: Video: DIY Arduiuno based Toroid coil winding Machine | Arduino project

$2/5pcs 2Layer & $5/5pcs 4Layer PCBs: Hello friends In this video I have made a toroid coil winding machine using arduino as controller, This machine is automatically winding the turns and also rotate toroid core automatically. For user input and interaction I have used a rotary encoder and 16x2 LCD display. User can enter data like diameter of toroid core, number of turns and how much area of toroid core need to wind. I have program it in a way so it can be used for variety tor ID/OD toroid cores just enter the core OD and do some mechanical adjustment. Currently this machine giving just ok ok result but I want it to upgrade further so it can be practically useful, please give your suggestions and ideas in comment box because I am not familiar with toroid coil winding machine, I have never seen in it live in my whole life. I made this project by just watching video on net. so I might be not completely aware about its working process. All details like code, circuit, item list, construction details etc are available on my website.
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DIY Arduiuno based Toroid coil winding Machine | Arduino project