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Video: Video: How Much Does Thor's Hammer Weigh EXACTLY? | Big Question

Thor's hammer Mjolnir weight revealed... through SCIENCE! Welcome to New Rockstars new Q&A series, BIG QUESTION! Here, Erik Voss and Filup Molina team up (and booze up) to give in-depth, super-researched answers to the biggest nerdy questions that movies and TV shows have left on the table! How much does Thor's hammer weigh, and how does Odin's worthiness charm correspond to real-world physics? When Cap lifts the hammer in Avengers Endgame, do the physics of the MCU change from when Hulk tried to lift it in Avengers (2012), and the other Avengers tried to lift it in Age of Ultron? And how old is Old Cap in the Endgame final scene? All these critical truths revealed... PLUS, some personal behind the scenes dark secrets about Filup and Erik that they've never before revealed! Send us YOUR big questions on Twitter @NewRockstars by tagging it with #BigQuestion! And mail us fan mail questions to us at: PO Box 711, Burbank California, 91503 CONNECT WITH US! Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: PATREON PRODUCERS: Dallas Anderson Jake Storm Kelly Hopper Matthew Salvas Miguel Mendoza Pony Stark Samuel Morse Todd Slawsby Under_Ciege Producer: Erik Voss Producer: Zach Huddleston Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina Post Production Supervisor: John Costa Editors: Lee Wilson, John Costa
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How Much Does Thor's Hammer Weigh EXACTLY? | Big Question