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Video: Video: Euler's Disk - The Spinning Coin That Spins For Minutes

What do you get when you cross a spinning coin and the Energizer Bunny? You get something called the Euler's Disc. Back in 2015, I got myself an Euler's Disc after seeing it on Grand Illusions (which you can also buy from Vat19) and decided to make a video of this cool spinning disk toy doing its thing, and I was able to get it spinning for two minutes. You may have also seen this on The Big Bang Theory. This video was actually made on May 29, 2015. On average, you're lucky to get it going for more than a minute and forty seconds. For those who don't know, an Euler's (pronounced like "oilers") disk is a large piece of metal shaped like a coin that uses the relative lack of friction on the mirror to spin like a coin on its side but for a very long time. While the force of gravity pushes downwards, the mirror pushes upwards and the spinning disk continues to gain speed rotating on its axis until suddenly it stops. You have to spin it right or it'll land on the flat side and spin for no more than 10 seconds. However, the slightly "off" centre of gravity helps "push" it towards the rounded side where it will spin like a spinning coin for a good while (in this case for two minutes), accelerating in rate until it finally stops abruptly. The magnetic backing serves no real purpose except for show. A simple toy of amusement that has very interesting physics behind it. I hope to get it to spin beyond 3 minutes, if I beat my old time, I'll post the updated video. Read the Wikipedia article on this spinning disc toy for a better, more precise explanation than I would give. If you have one, let me know if it makes a good conversation piece when you have guests over, if it amuses your kids, or whatnot. If you don't have a Euler's disk of your own, I recommend buying one. I'm in my 30's and I have about as much fun playing with it and showing it off to people as anyone of any age would. And the noise it makes as it's coming to an abrupt stop is deliciously satisfying to the senses. On a funny side note, my bird seems to really enjoy it.
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Euler's Disk - The Spinning Coin That Spins For Minutes