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Video: Video: Facebook Tutorial For Posting On A Business Page

Posting on a Facebook Business Page is a little different than a personal page, and in this video I'll show you Best Practices for posting. We'll cover link posts, video posts, text posts, image posts and even Facebook Live. I'll also show you how to do it on mobile devices. Below are the other videos (that I hope you'll find helpful) that I mentioned: Does your small business even need a Facebook page? 5 Easy Tips For Writing Social Media Posts: Facebook Tutorial For Setting Up A Business Page 2018: FIVE MINUTE FACEBOOK FACELIFT: Optimize your Facebook Business Page for Profit with this free guide ➜ CONTENT IDEAS: Download my free guide, "24 Proven Content Ideas For Small Businesses" ➜ Get More Great Tips - Subscribe ➜ Share this Video ➜ Ask me a question by commenting below, or send a message at Connect with me on social media - It’s my favorite part of this! You can reach me on any of the platforms below, but I’m most active on Instagram and Facebook.
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Facebook Tutorial For Posting On A Business Page