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Video: Video: Why Modern Filmmakers Underexpose Their Films

How dark is too dark when it comes to cinematography? We explore the relationship between darkness and realism through the work of legendary cinematographers Gordon Willis and Vilmos Zsigmond to the recent films of Denis Villeneuve, Brandford Young, and David Fincher. Written and Edited by Johnny Vong Narrated by Christine Holloway Footage: Ain’t Them Body Saints Alphaville Arrival The Big Sleep Blow Out Caravaggio The Deer Hunter Deliverance Double Indemnity Enemy Equals Game of Thrones The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo The Godfather Gone Girl Justice League Kiss Me Deadly Klute The Long Goodbye McCabe & Mrs. Miller A Most Violent Year Next Floor Prisoners Secret Honor Selma Sicario Side by Side The Social Network Suicide Squad Raging Bull War of the Worlds White Heat The Wizard of Oz Interviews and News Clips: Interview with Denis Villeneuve courtesy of FilmIsNow Interview with Bradford Young courtesy of Global Cinematography Institute Interview with Martin Scorsese courtesy of National Museum Sweden Interview with Gordon Willis courtesy of Craft Track Interview with Vilmos Zsigmond courtesy of TIFF Taylor Jones film and Video Colorist courtesy of and LinkedIn Anti-Trump Protests News Clips courtesy of NBC Nightly News Music: ‘As We Dream (Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G major BWV 1007)’ by Abilene ‘Dramatic Theme’ by Live Footage ‘Going Somewhere’ by Live Footage ‘Paris’ by Live Footage ‘Pinchon’ by Brique a Braq #Arrival #cinematography #BradfordYoung
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Why Modern Filmmakers Underexpose Their Films