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Video: Video: [Share this everywhere] Bernie's closing. It was so powerful, it will sway a lot of voters.

#notmeus #bernie2016 #revolution This is the first political video I have made, but I felt inspired after watching the last Democratic Debate in Brooklyn, New York (Moderated by CNN). Seriously, mad chills. Beautiful performance. I threw together this video because I believe in Bernie Sanders and want to do everything in my power to make my voice heard before we choose our next President. I hope we choose wisely. Please consider sharing this video with someone you think it may inspire. Thanks :) Song used is the main theme from Insterstellar, Composed by Hans Zimmer. I created this video purely for educational purposes and will not monetize it. I also apologize for the less than stellar video quality, it was the only full clip of Bernie's closing speech I could find that was glitch-free at the time I made this. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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[Share this everywhere] Bernie's closing. It was so powerful, it will sway a lot of voters.