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Video: Video: Blocks full of blocks. Voxel Engine

Don't worry: we don't rotate our voxels here, because we know better. The whole approach is made possible thanks to a unified voxel framework. The world, physics processing, ray tracing (all of the objects are ray traced), lighting, procedural generation, sound tracing and collision detection all use the same voxel data, allowing for some nice optimizations. The entirety of the collision detection + physics processing (which is contact-based and uses a PGS solver) is done on a single CPU thread without any SSE trickery alongside the player input, though it is parallel-ready for really demanding scenes. There's some work to be done with improving player-object collisions, the sounds that play, some under the hood stability with the physics and of course, a proper physical response from trees since in reality they're soft bodies and not rigid bodies (mostly). In time, I hope to make this happen! Thank you all for your kind comments, feedback, and support!
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Blocks full of blocks. Voxel Engine