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Video: Video: Fake Hugs vs. Real Hugs! (Social Experiment)

Thanks for watching! Try giving out a real hug next time you see someone :) Subscribe here for more social experiments: and follow me on Instagram @corderoroman for the realest virtual hug in the world. I'm a huge advocate of hugs because I think they're an underused and overlooked expression of care and love. So this social experiment was designed to see the difference between a "normal" hug aka what I believe are mostly "fake" hugs and a "real" hug aka one with warmth and love. You don't need a bunch of can literally see the difference in the video and it was crazy to feel the different amounts of love between the two kinds of hugs. So all I'm asking is that the next time you hug someone, take an extra second to show them you care about them by hugging them for real. Thanks for watching!
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Fake Hugs vs. Real Hugs! (Social Experiment)