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Video: Video: [Opinion] Sophia Narwitz: No Fun Allowed: How The Puritan Left Is Ruining Escapism

"Each day a new deluge of stupidity spreads across the web and weakens the structure of fun that keeps most hobbies supported. Surfing the waves as they lash out at everything in their path are hordes of outraged leftists, hellbent on achieving the new-age Puritanism they so seek. Because in the era of the new fringe left, everything is problematic and nothing is allowed to simply be enjoyable." For the original piece upon which this video is based: Find me on Twitter @sophnar0747 I have a PayPal if you’d like to help support my written/video content: And I have a surgery fund if you’d like to aid me in obtaining some medical procedures. Also, if you’d like to help me grow the quality of my channel, here’s an Amazon Wishlist with items that would help me out:
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[Opinion] Sophia Narwitz: "No Fun Allowed: How The Puritan Left Is Ruining Escapism"