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Video: Video: Babies see the world like they're on LSD | Oxford Neuroscientist Dr. James Cooke

*Guided meditations with and without music for stress reduction, anxiety relief, sleep and relaxation coming soon! Guided meditations without music will be available if you are only interested in being guided in mediation but versions with music for relaxation will be added to make this content more accessible to those with anxiety, stress or sleep issues which can often hinder meditation practice. Subscribe to not miss out!* We live in a chaotic ocean of energies that come in through our senses. The only reason it doesn't feel utterly overwhelming is because your brain spent years trying to grasp onto the structure in the chaos. Science & Spirituality: Certain spiritual insights into the nature of reality fit perfectly with our scientific understanding of the world. Understanding the nature of perception is the key to appreciating this. As a neuroscientist and expert on perception, I hope to lay out a scientific picture of reality in which spiritual experience can be appreciated and understood in all its profundity. I cover the possibility of spiritual awakening, enlightenment or self-transcendence through meditation, mindfulness, yoga or psychedelics as well as related topics such as mental health and wellbeing. Dr. James Cooke: Neuroscientist, writer & speaker, focusing on perception, meditation, psychedelics, mental health and wellbeing. PhD in Neuroscience, Oxford University MSc in Neuroscience, Oxford University MA in Experimental Psychology, Oxford University
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Babies see the world like they're on LSD | Oxford Neuroscientist Dr. James Cooke