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Video: Video: Cops ban a man from pickering square in Bangor for a year when he was trying Erasing hate speech written in chalk

There is a local hate group that likes to write bible verses in chalk on the streets of Bangor, Maine. They write a lot about sin, death, how the filthy and wicked should fear the judgment of god and repent or perish. There are also verses about doing what god tells you to receive his love. I have learned from members of the LGBTQ+ community that this is a dog whistle statement directed at them, warning them to change their ways. The group and church involved with writing these awful things protested a pride event a few years ago. They have also had volatile interactions with LGBTQ+ friends of mine, exposing their bigotry and cementing their status as a hate group. I have been cleaning up their bible verses for years now, since 2016. I’ve encountered the group in person many times, and sometimes, like the night I took this video, I have cleaned up the chalk moments after they have written them down. There is one particular individual that seems to be in charge of the operation (who I would rather not name). He has said many, many threatening things to me, such as talking about shooting me in the head the first time we spoke, citing that the law of god was greater than the law of man. He has also talked to me about my death and being judged. One of his followers once angrily started telling me about the reckoning. I asked him if he was threatening me, and he said that he was. As far as the night I took the video, a friend messaged me at 8 pm on Friday, August 7th, to let me know the group was downtown at West Market Square writing bible verses on the pavement. I’ve met a lot of people who appreciate what I’ve been doing and let me know when they see something that needs to be cleaned up. I showed up at West Market Square about 15 – 20 minutes later and started scrubbing off the chalk. I always take care to avoid talking with the church group directly or getting too close to them while they are working, and that night I was especially wary because of the pandemic. The guy who has threatened me in the past started shouting to the crowd of people dining outside, saying that Christians were being prosecuted and that I hated god, that sort of thing. He also approached me and started yelling at me, and I asked him to keep his distance. They picked up their things and moved to Pickering Square (which is around the block from West Market Square). When I was done cleaning up West Market Square I moved to Pickering to clean up what they were doing there. It was then that the police officers approached me, said I was the one causing the disturbance, etc. You can see most of that in the video. I’ve been doing this for so long, at this point I don’t even bother to read their verses. It’s all the same and I just want to do what I can to prevent their message from propagating. If I had known I was going to be confronted by the police I would have paid more attention to what they specifically were writing last night. I have always contended that I have as much right to erase these hateful messages as they have to write them down. I believe the police were violating my free speech, and had no authority to tell me they would arrest me on public property.. I also believe they were deliberately protecting the hate group by not giving them any such warning or threat, despite the group being the ones writing the caustic verses and shouting at the crowd. Here are some examples of the language the hate group likes to use.
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Cops ban a man from pickering square in Bangor for a year when he was trying Erasing hate speech written in chalk