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Video: Video: Nancy Cartwright (aka Bart Simpson) | Interview (2004) | ROVE LIVE

In every ten-year-old boy’s body is the voice of an older woman just dying to come out. Rove McManus catches up with the woman behind Bart Simpson as well as Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum and many other favorites form The Simpsons. Subscribe Here: Welcome to the brand new home of Australian talk show Rove Live on YouTube. With clips dating back to the first series in 1999, all the way through to the latest footage from the end of our tenth year, this is the only place to find all the best official Rove Live content without having to watch it from some other blurrier source. Host Rove McManus and his fellow funny people including Peter Helliar and Corinne Grant, Dave Callan, Adam Richard, Meshel Laurie, Carrie Bickmore, Dave Hughes, Hamish and Andy, Ryan Shelton, Judith Lucy, plus cliploads of guests, sketches, stunts and stupidity now have a place to help you waste your day even more. It's like reliving the show but with the ads being way shorter.

Jalen Hurts


School Closing


Jared Kushner

Jeff Sessions



Clemson University

Derrick Rose


Alabama Vs Clemson

Lola Kirke

Tree Man


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Nancy Cartwright (aka Bart Simpson) | Interview (2004) | ROVE LIVE