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Video: Video: Why Blockbuster passed on acquiring Netflix

Caya’s consulting hours: Our Presentation Design Services: What happened to Blockbuster? You may have heard the argument that this company was meant to be what Netflix is today. But it may not be all that simple. So, let's talk about Blockbuster, the movie rental giant that dominated the market and delivered home entertainment to virtually everybody in the US during a couple of decades, reaching its pinnacle in the late 1990s; and then succumbed to the changes that the new millennium brought. This is Company Forensics: Blockbuster #slidebean #startups #blockbuster 0:00 - Intro 1:42 - Blockbuster beginnings 5:23 - Diversification and expansion 7:01 - Netflix comes into play 12:58- Lessons learned from Blockbuster ---- Let us improve your pitch deck: gn=video-content --- Read the article: --- 5:56 - Map credits to V1 Analytics
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Why Blockbuster passed on acquiring Netflix