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Video: Video: Art Robinson is seriously crazy

"A Perfect World" This guy is running for Congress again in 2014! And he wants you to send him your pee! Art Robinson is running for Congress in Oregon's fourth district against 13-term incumbent Peter Defazio in the 2012 election. Robinson is a Republican whose entire campaign platform seems to be that he is a scientist, not a politician. In reality, he lives in a survivalist compound with a printing press where he circulates his propaganda posing as a "scientific newsletter." Among many of the brilliant theories he has published are his assertion that radiation is good for humans; radioactive waste should be dumped in the ocean and put in the foundation of homes, and that public schools should be abolished. He also claims AIDS is a government conspiracy and is a leading global warming denier. Robinson produces a home-school curriculum kit for sale on his website. This kit contains a 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, a King James Bible and novels written by an unenlightened racist. Anyone who saw Robinson on Rachel Maddow's show a couple of years ago knows what a nut job he is. Robinson also ran in 2010 and lost. This year, his son Matthew Robinson is running on the democratic ticket, facing Defazio in the primary election. Evidently lunacy is a family affair. This film contains pieces from Robinson's newsletter "Access to Energy" and shows what "A Perfect World" would look like through his eyes. You can't make this stuff up...
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Art Robinson is seriously crazy