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Video: Video: PKA 485 Kwebbelkop - Kweb has a fever, Kweb's break up, Kyle Lawyer Story

Sponsors: Guest Social Medias: YouTube: Twitter: Kweb’s game company site: Support PKA on Patreon: Merch: PKA on iTunes: PKA on Podbean: Timeline by LegitRage Discuss the Episode on the PKA Subreddit! 0:00:00 - Kweb introduces the show & guest, Kyle introduces the sponsors 0:00:15 - How is Kweb coping with pandemic life in Amsterdam? Has Kweb tested positive? 0:06:31 - China’s deviousness during this pandemic & how birds could be a conspiracy 0:12:56 - What conspiracy theories do the guys believe could actually be credible? 0:17:14 - The Gray Filter theory and the space zoo hypothesis 0:30:26 - Kweb recommends the sci-fi book “The future of humanity” 0:34:32 - Tiger King talk: The absurd Netflix documentary about crazy people who own tigers 0:53:15 - Why American castles are BS & could Kyle finish his probation sooner than expected? 1:01:25 - Kyle shares lawyer stories: Overcharging, negligence and more 1:08:36 - Man derails a train in an attempt to collide with a US Medical ship 1:12:11 - Politics talk: How Trump is handling the pandemic,Trump vs Biden & Joe’s creepiness 1:25:48 - More Politics talk: Lindsay Graham the pedantic & Ronald Reagan’s stand up routines 1:32:13 - Kwebblekop talks Cryptocurrency & owning real estate and gas stations 1:45:36 - UFC talk: Is there any way Khabib vs Tony Ferguson can realistically happen now? 1:53:38 - Ad reads: Squarespace & ExpressVPN 1:58:51 - Kyle introduces the guys to a Subreddit of people who love getting freaky with rats 2:03:27 - The guys examine the most disturbing, upsetting and crazy Subreddits 2:06:44 - Video: Man jumps over a small person for 10 dollars (leads to Seinfeld talk) 2:11:04 - How have the guys been affected by the lockdowns? (Kyle’s scary trip to the hospital) 2:16:35 - Woody shows off his dinner & explains Jackie has been struggling to get groceries 2:21:38 - How the pandemic has negatively affected the guys’ snacking & sleeping habits 2:27:11 - Kweb’s reintroduction to single life has been ruined by the pandemic 2:30:01 - How would the guys react if someone said they pleasured themselves to their pics? 2:31:27 - Have the guys ever been chatted up by a guy? How did they respond? 2:36:45 - Kweb’s awkward date night with a girl who repeatedly passed out 2:41:36 - The time Kyle passed out after getting into the hot tub with a shady nurse 2:46:03 - Woody compares his experiences of passing out with Kyle and Kweb’s 2:48:24 - The guys attempt to out-gross each other with stories of bathrooms & vomit 2:51:18 - Taylor’s smelly ugg slippers & the time Kweb ate a 2 week old moldy sandwich 2:58:16 - Buying Mexican street water 2:59:59 - Ad read: Netgear Take the PKA 485 Survey! 3:01:45 - The success of PKA highlight channels & PKA’s growth after Kyle went to prison 3:04:00 - More Tiger King talk: Sylvester Stallone & the mad world of Joe Exotic and crew 3:16:18 - Carole Baskins, Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren - Who do the guys hate her? 3:20:14 - More pandemic talk: Is China misreporting? Does it matter? 3:24:39 - PKA’s thoughts on Joe Rogan’s podcast: Fact checking & Joey Diaz 3:26:22 - Bert Kreischer’s latest Special & how the guys personally relate to Office Space 3:37:47 - TV show/movie talk Ozark Season 3, Parasite/subtitled foreign movies & more 3:45:58 - Samurai Cop vs The Room: Which is the worst movie of all time? 3:49:05 - The pain of dealing with copyright content on PKA and defining “fair use” 3:55:10 - More pandemic talk: Will the economy suffer long term or bounce right back? 3:58:23 - Kweb proposes a YouTube conspiracy: Does the algorithm promote 3 hour videos? 4:02:50 - Kweb promotes social distancing and good hygiene, Woody calls it a show
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PKA 485 Kwebbelkop - Kweb has a fever, Kweb's break up, Kyle Lawyer Story