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Video: Video: TIMELAPSE BUILD // From Outdated Motorhome to Beautiful Tiny home.

In november 2019 we Bought a 1989 Toyota SlumberQueen Camper Van that we renovated for 3 months so that we could update it into a tiny house on wheels that we could live in. The old style fake wood panelling was not our style, it made it feel dark and closed in. We decided to sand that down and paint it all white to make it feel brighter and open. We made new curtains, we added lithium iron phosphate batteries, a new solar charge controller, and 300 watts of solar. We installed a lockable cargo box on the back of the van, and we did a rot repair in the front sleeper above the cab. We used Sikaflex to redo the seams and to patch any holes we had in the motorhome shell. We built a box in the living room, we had to sacrifice some seating area but now we have a space for our bigger kitchen appliances. We installed new hinges and handles on all the doors and drawers. We took out the old 3 way fridge and replaced it with a brand new 12 volt compressor fridge. We installed LED copper string lights that are super efficient. We also moved in so there is all our stuff in here now which helps make it our little home. We plan on doing some more renos to this and actually change up our paint scheme a little as well as we are not super happy with only the white. I want to add some real wood features back in and much more. Over all we are very happy with out restoration and build and are now enjoying living in here full time! if you want to check out the whole build process in a detailed video playlist, click the link below If you want to see the silly travel vlogs with make while living in this toyota campervan click this link. and if you are interested in any of the products that we used in this build find them in the links below. Solar panels and charge controller 10% off coupon on Renogy products through this link!! lithium batteries 12v compressor fridge Links to help the Show! OUR WEBSITE A travel Show I produced called BEST FRIENDS! First Episode is in Taiwan, the second episode is sailing around Vancouver island! My Vanlife movie is on Youtube because Netflix said no. But it is also on Prime Video!! (AD FREE!!) Follow us on Social Media! Join the Founder of Different Media as he Podcasts with the most interesting people he knows! Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: And on Spotify! Show you are Different by wearing our clothes! Different Media Camera Gear Kit! Patreon A list of items for Vanlife! Our current Patreons! Jamie Francis, Stephanie Bird, Renay Emond, and Andreia Aierdna If you read all this give us 1 thumbs up emoji, 1 tree emoji and 1 Video camera emoji in the comment section.
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TIMELAPSE BUILD // From Outdated Motorhome to Beautiful Tiny home.